Craftt the future of work where identity and privacy takes reign

Craftt Identity Protocol is a permissionless, decentralized, and modular self-sovereign identity infrastructure, powered by Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Craftt Identity Protocol

Supporting issuing entities


Issuing entities i.e. employers, schools, applications, event organizations, payroll providers, recruiters, agencies, and more, can generate verifiable credentials and manage them onchain.

Craftt ID

Identity Holders

Holders can earn, store, and manage their professional certifications, skills, and achievements with their Craftt ID. They can also selectively disclose required information for verification without sharing confidential data.

Supporting verifying entities


Verifying entities i.e. employers, schools, applications, event organizations, payroll providers, recruiters, agencies, and more, have the ability to use the protocol for various use cases requiring access control onchain and offchain.

Real-world Use Cases

Unlock the full potential of the Craftt Identity Protocol, designed to meet your specific requirements while prioritizing efficiency, privacy, and security.

Identity Verification

Reduce identity fraud with Craftt's tamper-proof verification methods. Ensure authenticity and trust in every interaction.

Privacy-Preserving Access

Maintain control over who accesses your data. Craftt ensures your privacy is protected without compromising usability.

Sybil Prevention

Maintain a credible and genuine presence. Set yourself apart from bots and impersonators.

Storage & Management

Easily store, manage, and share identity, credentials and data. Secure and organized data management tailored to any workforce needs.

Global Payments

Facilitate secure, fast, and transparent cross-border payrolls onchain or offchain, and payment invoicing as proof for issuing and verifying credentials.

Engagement & Rewards

Boost workforce engagement through rewards, incentives, and revenue sharing based on credential verification within the ecosystem.

Masters of Craftt

Our goal is to humanize work and emerge as the most inclusive and ownership-focused brand for the global decentralized market.

Craftt was founded in 2023 by a global team of accomplished creators and builders from former high growth startups and major institutions with a shared passion for Web3, decentralization, and the future of work. They’ve collectively led categories in social and expert networks, finance, data, and AI.