Master work-life and take control of the identity and credentials you own

Craftt ID is your gateway access to a decentralized world of opportunities and a dynamic workforce ecosystem.

Craftt ID



Own and manage your professional identity and credentials without third-party interference. Your data, your rules. Experience true digital independence with confidence.

Take control


Privacy is paramount. Enable control on who sees what data and prove only what needs to be shared. Powered by Zero-Knowledge Proofs to protect vital information online and onchain.

One single identity, everywhere


Enjoy the freedom of a single portable identity. Transferable verifiable credentials makes it easy to seamlessly connect across platforms to succeed where work takes you.

Real-world Use Cases

Unlock your full potential with Craftt ID, designed to meet the needs of the modern workforce while prioritizing privacy and security.

Identity Verification

Provide proof of authentication and verification for professional needs with trust in every interaction.

Privacy-Preserving Access

Protect your privacy by presenting and sharing only information you need to.

Proof of human

Maintain a credible and genuine presence by setting yourself apart from bots and impersonators.

Storage & Management

Easily store, manage, and share your identity, credentials and data through your Craftt ID profile account.

Global Payments

Access ecosystem apps to issue payment invoices for your work done, and process secure, fast, and transparent cross-border payments onchain or offchain.

Engagement & Rewards

Access engagement initiatives and campaigns to boost income and earnings potential by participating in the ecosystem. Also earn potential perks like global travel & medical insurance, deals, vouchers, and more!

Masters of Craftt

Our goal is to humanize work and emerge as the most inclusive and ownership-focused brand for the global decentralized market.

Craftt was founded in 2023 by a global team of accomplished creators and builders from former high growth startups and major institutions with a shared passion for Web3, decentralization, and the future of work. They’ve collectively led categories in social and expert networks, finance, data, and AI.