The way we work is broken. It's time to shatter old molds.

Let the identity and credentials you own speak volumes of your Craftt.

Craftt is building the largest decentralized identity network for the global modern workforce.

Craftt aims to empower the three billion global workforce and trillion dollar WorkTech and HRTech industries for a frictionless and fairer future of work.

Partner with Craftt

Onboard as an issuing or verifying entity and empower individuals in your workforce - employees, freelancers, contractors, independent creators and builders, to own their professional identity; or partner with us to plug into our network and reach thousands of new customers.

Masters of Craftt

Our goal is to humanize work and emerge as the most inclusive and ownership-focused brand for the global decentralized market.

Craftt was founded in 2023 by a global team of accomplished creators and builders from former high growth startups and major institutions with a shared passion for Web3, decentralization, and the future of work. They’ve collectively led categories in social and expert networks, finance, data, and AI.